Energy Recycling and Harvesting

Self-sufficient Energy

We can assist you in becoming more self-reliant through use of efficient lighting and insulation, use of solar and wind energy and much more.

As our headline suggests, we’ll help you become more independent from our very, very limited providers of our energy sources. You can become less dependent on your electric company and reduce your water usage too. We can help you become less dependent and more self-sufficient!

Customers Pay 10 Times Market Rate for Natural Energy!1

The Green Principle is helping people get started or improve their current use of renewable energy sources that will sustain them for life! Providing Self-sufficient Energy sources is our Goal for you and everyone we meet!

The Green Principle provides solutions through services, products and activities.

Contact Us to learn more about:

  • Whole Home Audits
  • Weatherization
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
  • LED lighting & much more
  • Energy Related Information, Courses & Demonstrations

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1 Spanish Solar Subsidy Seduces FPL, Scorches Consumers

By Gianluca Baratti – May 8, 2009 12:23 EDT

May 8 (Bloomberg) — Spain has turned itself into the world’s biggest builder of solar-energy plants, attracting developers from the U.S. and France by guaranteeing prices that weigh down Spanish consumers.

The government promotes clean fuels by letting generators charge as much as 10 times more for power from the sun or wind than from burning coal. The premium, added to bills of homes and businesses, has spawned a solar-investment boom by utilities, from Florida’s FPL Group Inc. to Electricite de France SA.

As a result, developers now plan enough solar thermal projects to generate the power of nine new atomic reactors, or 14,000 megawatts if all get built, Spain’s industry ministry said. That’s the biggest project pipeline, beating sun-blessed Australia and the U.S., where Congress increased aid this year for alternative energy, an Emerging Energy Research study said.

“Who wouldn’t want to enter a business that’s paid many times more than the market rate, and where the customer is guaranteed for life?” said Gabriel Calzada, an economist and professor at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

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